British West Indies Style

British West Indies Style

British West Indies style, also known as Caribbean plantation style or simply West Indies style, is an architectural and interior design aesthetic that takes inspiration from the colonial period of the British Caribbean islands. It is a blend of traditional British design elements and the practicalities required for tropical living. The style is characterized by its elegant, breezy, and relaxed feel, making it popular for homes and resorts in tropical regions.

Key features of British West Indies style include:

LOTS of potted plants, real or faux. Palm trees are the look.

Verandas and Porches: Large covered verandas and porches are common in British West Indies architecture. These outdoor spaces offer shade and allow for natural ventilation, making them ideal for enjoying the tropical climate.

Louvered Shutters: Louvered shutters are often used on windows to provide privacy, shade, and airflow. They can be adjusted to regulate the amount of sunlight and breeze entering the interior spaces.